Utah Disaster Cleanup, Mold Remediation & Water Damage Resources


Mold After a Disaster

Mold Remediation & Inspection

Mold is a naturally occurring fungi that grows all around us. There are literally thousands of different species that, most of the time, we cannot see. They live outdoors and are part of the natural environment. Outside, mold spores travel on the winds and find new homes and habitats when they find moisture. Mold can also travel indoors, into homes, and this is where they can cause significant problems. If it finds a moist medium in your home, it can grow unchecked. Mold that grows in a home is using moisture from a leak, excessive dampness or a problem with condensation.

National & State Mold Resources

Utah Renters & Landlords

Utah Fit Premises Act - Utah's laws on safe rental requirements for tennants and landlords that includes information on mold removal

Utah Schools & Commercial Buildings

Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings - How to properly remove mold in all buildings, commercial or residential

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) mold web page - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) mold web page

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency mold cleanup web page

EPA.gov - Mold removal guide by the Environmental Protection Agency

Utah Department of Health mold - Utah.gov overview on mold

Local (County & City) Mold Resources

bear river regional housing authority (435) 752-7242
beaver city housing authority (435) 438-2935
cedar city housing authority (435) 586-8462
davis county housing authority (801) 451-2587
emery county housing authority (435) 381-2902
grand county housing authority (435) 259-5891
housing authority of carbon county (435) 637-5170
housing authority of ogden city (801) 627-5851
housing authority of salt lake city (801) 487-2161
housing authority of salt lake county (801) 284-4400
housing authority of utah county (801) 373-8333
iron county care & share (435) 586-5142
myton housing authority (435) 722-3952
provo city housing authority (801) 374-1331
richfield housing authority (435) 896-9295
roosevelt housing authority (435) 722-2170
st. george housing authority (435) 628-3648
tooele housing authority (435) 882-7875 ext. 124
weber county housing authority (801) 627-5851
west valley city housing authority (801) 963-3329